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The Rhode Island Homestead
Extra Large Chicken Coop

The run has a galvanized wire-meshed roof which protects your chickens from predators!

  • 12′ Long Run
  • Tongue and groove construction
  • Made of top grade fir wood and is treated to be splinter free
  • Two nesting boxes with 6 total compartments allowing your chickens to lay in comfort
  • Front access ramp
  • Inner door slides shut with easy metal pull bar
  • Removable back panel for easy cleaning
  • Secure latches (extra precaution to protect from predators)
  • Pull out tray made of galvanized steel
  • They will love the three internal roosts
  • Two side vents for air circulation this mitigates against chicken respiratory issues
  • The handles allow for easy mobility (we have now added  handles to the run too!)
  • Reinforced run panels to ensure stability and structural strength
  • Instructions walk you through the simple process of assembly
  • You receive a free gift with your purchase! (Choose an apron, #shirt or hen saddle... please include in the notes section at checkout!)
  • Order before 1pm MST and we will ship the SAME day! If you order after 1pm we will ship your coop the next day!

large chicken coops for sale

Measurements: 12 ft. (143”) long x 5 ft. 8 in. (69″) wide x 5 ft. 7 in. (65.5″) tall                             *Width measurement includes nesting boxes

Foot print: 143 inches x 39.5 inches

Attached Run measurements: L101.5 x H50.5 xW39.5


10-15 Chicken Capacity!

It is shipped in 3 boxes, totaling 165 pounds!


This coop is loaded with features. It has a hinged nesting box with 2 nest areas so that it is easy to collect eggs. It has a removable back panel for easy access to refill food and water and to clean it as well. It features a 12 foot run!  In this design the coop has a front sliding door which allows them to move freely in and out of the coop.  There are also four wooden handles that are included and set up to mount to the main coop.  It makes it easy to move the coop around your yard as needed!

For Help Call Toll Free: (888) 209-4643

The Rhode Island Homestead is sure to make you eggstatic!!  This chicken coop was designed with not only the chickens in mind but also the customer.  It has a 12 foot long run which the chickens love.  It has built in handles allowing you to move the coop around your yard with ease.  There are built in side vents for ventilation.  The droppings tray is huge and well built making the maintenance much easier to stay up on. 

It is our largest coop and is good for 10-15 chickens (other fowl capacity depends on species). Customers have found this design to be accommodating for quail, pheasants, ducks and other species. If you are looking to keep your chickens contained in a comfortable setting this is the one for you!

Cleaning and accessing the eggs couldn’t be easier as the back panel is completely removable and the two hinged nesting boxes are predator resistant with secure latches.

Grab handles create ease when moving the coop. Depending on the size of your location this chicken coop can be used with or without the detachable run.

10-15 Chicken Capacity! - Our Largest Chicken Coop!

For Help Call Toll Free: (888) 209-4643 

I recently got my coop from you guys and I've been having a blast blinging it out. My hens come in a month! Hooray! Love the coop!

Posted by Dede Gregory on Monday, March 28, 2016

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