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Customer Photos & Comments

We love to get comments, photos, and reviews from our happy customers!  If you have a review of your coop and buying experience, please, send it our way!  

Photos are always appreciated!  Show us your happy chickens and your coop in its final setting!  

How did you integrate it into your back yard design?


Dear Chicken Coop Co,
We ordered an extra run and absolutely love it! We kind of modified where it was supposed to go due to our shade and grass area even though the grass will soon be gone. Thank you so much once again for providing a top notch quality product!


-Dana & Brandon 
And the lil ladies Elsie, Penny, Gretchen, Milly, Buffy, Annie


We LOVE our coop!!! 

“We mounted ours to a frame so that we can pull it to different locations in our yard with the four wheeler =) I had to share this picture with you guys because I knew you would appreciate the flag and back drop =)!”



"The backyard would NOT have been the same without this lovely coop.  Thank you for all of your attention to detail!"

"Our Garden is officially completed!"

“The additional run worked out perfect!  Tons of space and a great set up =)!”

“Here is the finished product!  We painted it to match the house =) Couldn't be happier!  Thank you guys!”

“Look who is watching over the nesting boxes...”

“The assembly couldn’t have been easier” 

“We love our Orpington Lodge!  Our girls love it too!”

“Connecting the two Rhode Island Homesteads ended up being perfect for our flock!  Thank you guys for all your time and concern!”

photos of happy chicken coop customers

“Dave!  You are awesome!  Thank you so much for all of your help!  I love my coop and have eggs in my incubator as I type!  I will keep you posted."

“We finished painting our Orpington Hen House!  We are in love with it!”

“So glad to have our girls safe and secure!  Thanks again!”

“I am in Rhode Island XL and received my coop two days after I purchased it!  Outside of ordering through amazon prime, I do not think I have received an online purchase this quickly ever!”  

“We LOVE our Leghorn Cottage! Thank you for the recommendations and great service!”


photos of happy chicken coop customers

“Dave, Thank you for always being available!  I feel like I ended up with not only a great coop but a mentor! Thank you!” 

“I was nervous to make such a big purchase online. 
Thank you for answering all of my questions and
exceeding my expectations!”


photos of happy chicken coop customers

“Excellent quality!  My husband was even impressed!” 

“Our chickens have never been happier! This coop is perfect! 
Thank you for the fast delivery!”


photos of happy chicken coop customers

“Dave, The fact that you knew my coop was arriving and called me the day it was delivered says it all! I appreciate you emailing me!  Yes, I have assembled it and I love it! It is exactly what I hoped it would be!” 


"I recently got my coop from you guys and I've been having a blast blinging it out.  My hens come in a month!  Hooray!  Love the coop!"

photos of happy chicken coop customers

"I am so impressed with this coop!  Thank you for a great design and product!"

 “I love my coop! I sit on my porch and watch my chickens and they love it!!”

photos of happy chicken coop customers 

“Thank you for reaching out! All is well! The coop is great and
made it through the winter without any issues!”


“Thank you for a great experience from start to finish!”

photos of happy chicken coop customers 

photos of happy chicken coop customers 



"Everyone is happy and healthy and we can't wait to expand our flock in spring!" 



"So thankful for our sweet little coop at the top of our hill"

 "Our beautiful school coop"

"The girls are loving their new coop"


"They are doing so good in their new coop, every morning when I go out to open up the door they come running out for playtime."


"This is what my husband worked on for me this past weekend"