Shipping Costs

On several of our coops the lower 48 states receive free shipping to your door through Fed Ex Home Delivery, and all of our coops offer no-hassle flat rates. If you are outside the continental USA please email us and arrangements can be made.

Shipping ETA

The time frame varies based on shipment’s location and time of the year. “Same Day” and “Next Day” shipping models refer to shipping the product that same day you ordered it or the following day. This is not to be confused with “overnight” shipping which we do not offer. Often times delivery is quicker than anticipated but it is best to assume 5-7 days for delivery.

Shipping Method

We'll ship your chicken coop right to your door using FedEx for the fastest delivery.

Your chicken coop will arrive packed flat in one to four cartons depending on the chicken coop design.

Damaged Shipments

If shipment is damaged from handling it must be claimed with the freight carrier, or in this case FedEx. You must note on the freight bill if any boxes are missing or damaged.

PLEASE RECOGNIZE! Even if you see damage on the product, DO NOT REFUSE THE PACKAGE! If you do this you agree to the terms of this website, that you are responsible for the full cost of return shipping.

Please instead open up your product and take pictures of any damages. We have seen that though at times the box looks heavily worn and tattered, the contents inside are often fine, some times only a few spare parts are needed to make take care of the issue. We can easily ship spare parts very quickly to you. Again please take pictures of any damage to parts, as well as the boxes thank you.


Coops will often arrive with minor dings or damages, usually aesthetic, and have no effect on the functionality of the coop. This unfortunately can happen occasionally due to the weight, size and nature of the product. Products are also consistently being lifted and set down in the shipping process. In these cases at no additional charge to our customers we will send replacement parts.  

We will definitely assist in taking care of any major damages that are beyond minor aesthetic damages that render your coop unusable. Please take pictures of the damaged parts so we can assess the damage and correctly identify which parts have been damaged. The pictures taken of the damaged boxes will help in our making a claim with FedEx.

If within 30 days of purchase you want to return the coop, please email us and let us know you are sending it. We will then provide an address for you to send the coop to. Typically the address will not be the same address it came from because we have multiple warehouses. Any costs associated with shipping the chicken coop back will be your responsibility along with a 10% restocking fee that will be deducted from your refund.  Refunds will not be given until all items have been returned and accounted for.

Release of Liability

The Chicken Coop Company does not assume any liability for any of its products.  By purchasing an item from this website, the customer agrees to release The Chicken Coop Company of any and all liability.

Free Gifts

We sometimes offer free gifts. Occasionally it’s a apron, #shirt, waterer, feeder…etc. These gifts are for customers who are paying the current full price for a chicken coop. It cannot be combined with any other coupon that might be found on the internet. If you have received a free gift, and decide to return your chicken coop you can keep the gift and enjoy it when you decide to pursue your chicken adventure in the future.

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