Check Out Our Exclusive Structural and Hardware Upgrades for 2021!

Compare our quality

Compare our quality carefully before you buy online.

*Online competitors sell similar looking designs, but with scaled-down dimensions and stripped-down details.  
What you see is what you will get with the Chicken Coop Company.

Designed by Us, Built by Us.. 

Our chicken coops are high quality, structurally engineered coops designed to last. These are not like the other generic mass-produced chicken coops sold online.

We've designed our coops by paying attention to the details. Take a look at our hardware and structural elements.  Our coops have supported nesting boxes, mass-produced coops nesting boxes just hang out in the air, then sag and fail.

Quality Hardware, Support under each Nesting Box, Reinforced poop treys, Locking pop up Vent windows, Etc The difference is in the details...

heavy StainLess Steel Hardware

Many other chicken coops are sold with aluminum or thin steel hardware.  Our hardware is heavy duty and built to last.  We partnered with ajustco to use the best bolt latch system available!  Our coops come with heavy duty carabiners  that are easy to use while providing safety for your flock. 

Premium Ajustlock Self-adjusting bolt locks

The Adjustlock has been used in farming environments for years. It solves the problem of the door shifting that causes standard bolts to not line up correctly with the catch.

The bolt receiver moves up and down to automatically adjust to the bolt no matter if it is exactly aligned or not. This as been one of our most well-received improvements.

Self-Locking Hinges for Side Ventilation Windows

We use hinged side vent covers with self-locking hinges to keep the cover up or down.

Sliding wooden doors warp and become unusable - even with an unwrapped door, wood sliding on wood is difficult to open and close.

Marked screw locations - And Numbered pieces

All components are numbered clearly for easy assembly. And the pre-drilled screw holes are clearly marked with circles as shown in the photo on the right. We've worked hard to make sure our instructions are easy to follow for a quick and correct assembly.

Acrylic front vent Window

We use an acrylic front vent window to allow light while allowing you to open or close the vent to regulate heat. The acrylic window slides easily compared to our competitors wood panels.

Our competitors sliding wooden door panels warp and become unusable after a short amount of time.

Clear Flashing to keep your girls dry

Waterproof and reinforced Roof and Nesting Box panels

In addition to the clear flashing we have gone the extra mile with our roof panels.  The roof and nesting box panels of our chicken coops are waterproof. We've added an underlayment to keep the water out of the coop and away from your chickens.

Our competitors have only a single layer of wood slats that allows water to seep into the coop and nesting boxes.

galvanized, removable cleaning tray

engineered for strength - structural braces & supported nesting boxes - Our competitors sag and fail

tongue and groove panels - dowel joints

Easy access to nesting boxes - Plenty of roosting rods