From Delivery to Complete Chicken Coop in Less than 2 Hours!

Your coop will be shipped via FedEx within 24 hours of your purchase!  

Your coop and accessories will be shipped from Utah.  

Depending on your location you can expect to receive your coop 2-5 days after your purchase! 

Your coop will arrive flat packed in 2 to 4 boxes depending on the coop. 

Pre-assembled components include:
wall panels, roof panels and doors. 

All panels with chicken wire will come assembled. We have removed the battle that often accompanies “set up" or “construction”.

After your coop arrives at your door you will only need a screwdriver, a wrench, 1-2 hours and chickens!




The Only Tools You'll Need:

  • A Screwdriver (preferably a power screw driver)

  • A Wrench (if you have a power screw driver a wrench will not be necessary)

Assembling the Rhode Island Homestead

Assembling the Star Haven

Assembling The Leghorn Cottage

Assembling the California Grey Villa

We Have Fun Chicken Coop Accessories Too!