Check Out Our Exclusive Structural and Hardware Upgrades for 2024!!

Easy Assembly - From Delivery to Complete Chicken Coop in Less than 2 Hours!

Your coop will be shipped via FedEx within 24 hours of your purchase from our warehouses. Your coop will arrive flat packed in 2 to 3 boxes ready to assemble.

Pre-Assembled Panels

Your coop has been pre-assembled in flat panels that simply need to be bolted together with a screwdriver and wrench.  All cutting, gluing, stapling, finishing, and hardware installation has already been done for you.

The Only Tools You'll Need:

  • A Screwdriver (preferably a power screwdriver)

  • A Wrench (if you have a power screwdriver a wrench will not be necessary)

What You'll Want

  • We recommend putting a layer of lacquer on it once it's set up as the wood will be settling in place you'll want to put that coating on at the beginning and whenever you feel it needs it in the future!
  • We recommend anchoring it down, this can be as simple as a stake on each side of the hen house and run area. 
  • Chicken Coop Accessories that are sure to make your chicken raising experience more fun or will serve as great gifts for the chicken enthusiasts in your life!