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Our Best Selling Chicken Coops

Rooster DrawingWe've searched the world over to find the best, most practical, and unique designs for backyard, urban, and home chicken coops.

We build them so you don't have to.  We have engineered a design that is SOLID and easy to clean and maintain.  As you will see, most all coops lack support under the nesting boxes.  Our chicken coops ALL have supported nesting boxes as well as many other key features that you and your girls will really appreciate! 

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Chicken Houses

We love finding chicken's the right home so let us be your Chicken realtor and guide you to the best chicken coop for those hens. We build and sell 3 different chicken houses named after some of our favorite chicken breeds, but any Chicken can live in our coops. Without further ado the Rhode Island chicken coop is our largest allowing for 10 or more chickens (depending on size and your arrangements) and you can purchase it with a run extension as well.

The Orpington lodge supports six or more chickens and also has a run extension available for purchase. Our small chicken coop called the Leghorn hen house is for 4 or more chickens. Read about what sets us apart and that's our quality construction