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Big Chicken Co Coop Heater
Chickens Under Big Chicken Co Coop Heater
Chicken Coop Heater
Chicken Coop Heater
Chicken Coop Heater
Chicken Coop Heater
Chicken Coop Heater
Chicken Coop Heater
Chicken Coop Heater
Chicken Coop Heater
Chicken Coop Heater

Chicken Coop Heater

Big Chicken Co.

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Product Description: 

The Big Chicken Co. Coop Heater and brooder heater is a perfect solution to keep your chickens warm and safe during the cold months of the year. This heater has been designed with both safety and efficiency in mind, so you can be sure that your chicks will stay comfortable all season long. These are far safer than the traditional heat lamp alternative and typical space heaters. Plus, they're designed and manufactured in the USA!
It may be tempting to go the heat lamp route but heat lamp-caused fires are all too real. If there's one item that you want to get your flock for the winter we highly recommend a safe heater like this one. The Big Chicken Co. Coop Heater is used by Martha Stuart for her flock on her farm in New York. It is easy to install and provides reliable temperature control, as well as adjustable settings for a variety of scenarios. 


Easy to install

The quick-release bracket on the heater allows it to be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling of your chicken coop. No special tools are required for installation, making it an ideal choice even for those who don’t have much experience with raising chickens. 

Settings and Safety

Big Chicken Co Coop Heater also includes an emergency shut-off switch that will automatically shut off the unit if temperatures become too high. 

Energy Efficiency

By using low wattage, this heater provides significantly decreases energy consumption, making it an efficient and cost-effective alternative to the majority of chicken coop heaters on the market. This means that you won’t see a dramatic increase in your electric bill when using the Big Chicken Co Coop & Brooder Heater.  On average you'll save from $3-$5 per week on your electricity bill vs. an infrared 250-watt heat bulb. We've calculated the approximate "break-even" rates, given continuous use, on each of the four coop heater sizes:
  • 14 weeks for the 11" x 11" model
  • 18 weeks for the 11" x 16" model
  • 22 weeks for the 11" x 30" model
  • 25 weeks for the 11" x 40" model

Size Guide For ChickenCoop Company Coops:

  • Leghorn & Orpington = 11" x 16"
  • Rhode Island = 11" x 30"

Product Specs: 

  • 11x11 | 32 Watts | .3 Amps
  • 11x16 | 50 Watts | .45 Amps
  • 11x30 | 100 Watts | .9 Amps
  • 11x40 | 150 Watts | 1.4 Amps

Please Note: Extension Cord Protector Shown In Pictures Not Included

Directions For Use: 

Run your Big Chicken Co Coop Heater for a few hours until the faint "new plastic" smell dissipates before introducing chicks. It is recommended to start your Big Chicken Co Coop Heater around six inches off the ground. Then, watch your chicks' behavior closely when they first enter their brooder: if they avoid the heat, raise it up. If they huddle underneath it and chirp loudly, lower it. It's as simple as that! Read the Installation instructions.

As with any electric heating device, special precautions must be taken:

  • Ensure that the heating surface is open to the air and that the heat is allowed to escape & circulate.
  • Allow a minimum of 6 inches of air space between the ground surface, bedding, straw hay, or any combustible materials.
  • Take special precautions to ensure that the unit cannot be allowed to fall with its heating surface enclosed. Severe overheating may occur, which could result in combustion.

Yes, occasionally hens like to jump up on the overhead mount and do their business. Not to worry as the sealed plastic shell on top of the heater makes clean up easy. Just spray and wipe down.

A. Please bear in mind when choosing your size that the ambient temperature, draftiness, and hanging height of your brooder heater all influence the number of chicks you can effectively heat. The "maximum" numbers shown here are based on a draft-free environment, with an operational temperature of seventy degrees, and with the heater hanging 4.5 to 5 inches off the ground. 11" x 11": 32 watts, 2 lbs, heats a maximum of 22-25 chicks 11" x 16": 50 watts, 4 lbs, heats a maximum of 32-35 chicks 11" x 30": 100 watts, 6 lbs, heats a maximum of 60-65 chicks 11" x 40": 150 watts, 8 lbs, heats a maximum of 80-85 chicks This said, the draftier the brooder space, the lower the ambient temps, and the higher you hang your heater, the larger size you will need. (Always keep chicks in a low-draft environment, by the way: excessive drafts will kill chicks, no matter how warm you keep their brooder. Even a large cardboard box will suffice to prevent drafts.) In short, our recommendation is that when you're in doubt about the best size to get, play it on the safe side and choose something larger.

Yes, it can be safe to use a heater in a chicken coop, provided you choose a heater designed for small spaces and ensure it's installed correctly and securely. We recommend monitoring the heater regularly and maintaining proper ventilation to prevent overheating and fire hazards.

According to a study from the University of Minnesota, chickens typically need a supplemental heat source in their coop when the temperature drops below 35°F. This is especially relevant for breeds that are less cold-hardy (like Silkies or Bantams) or if the chickens are very young or old.