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About The Chicken Coop Company

Why choose to purchase your coop from The Chicken Coop Company vs anyone else? 

The difference between our chicken coop designs, accessories, and our customer service is in the details. We have designed our coops with both you and your chickens in mind!

We have owned chickens for years and have seen what works and what doesn't. We have taken the feedback received over time from our customers and family and have made the little adjustments that make a huge difference!  

All of our chicken coops and accessories are shipped from and made in the USA within 24-48 hours of your purchase!  All items are shipped via FedEx and you are provided a tracking number shortly after each purchase.  

When purchasing a product online you hope the product is as described/portrayed and you hope that it will arrive quickly.  At The Chicken Coop Company, we have set up our process to ensure a positive experience and the ultimate satisfaction of our customers! 

Many other chicken coop manufacturer companies may appear to have similar coops.  In some cases, they have the same model/design.  Again, the difference is in the details. Our coops are sturdier! The Nesting boxes aren't hanging on the sides ready to droop and sag over time, they are supported underneath and with that support comes additional protected space for your chickens.  We do not cut corners we actually reinforce them! You'll see how in the corners of the run extension the triangles are added for support and stability. On each aspect of the process from the coop construction to the shipping, we have worked tirelessly to make it smooth for you and your family.


Each coop we offer has been pre-treated with a water-based treatment to ensure the health of your chickens. Each coop is pre-built with pre-drilled holes, all hinges attached, all mesh preset, etc. With a screwdriver (preferably power screwdriver) you will not have a problem assembling your coop in an hour or less.


Each coop comes well packaged in 1-3 boxes with instructions and individually labeled bags of screws and bolts.  The assembly process has been simplified and refined as much as possible. Again, an automatic screwdriver will be a tremendous help and time saver. 





We love our chickens and customers. Our chickens give us eggs, and our customers give us kind comments and photos by email which we always love receiving!
The continued evolution of the design and details assures that customers are getting a fantastic addition to their property.

Through this site, we showcase our coops and invite you to purchase. 

Our highly refined features and evolution in our designs come from years of experience building and making chicken coops in the USA.   

We are available by phone or email and are happy to go over with you the answers to your questions or steer you in the right direction.

We follow up with you on the items you purchase.  We are available, and we love hearing from our families and seeing pictures of their feathered friends!



Our Average Transit Time is 3.5 Days via FedEx! Anywhere in the United States.

In March/April it can sometimes take up to 7due to volume, but rarely more than this! 


 A Family Business