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Take a look at some of our most popular – and biggest – chicken coops. Our large and extra large coops fit 15+ chickens and are still sized perfectly to fit right in your backyard. 

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How do I determine what size chicken coop I need?

There are many factors to consider including the chicken breeds you have and if you're able to free range your chickens. For example, Australorps, Cochins and Rhode Islands take up more space than Silkies. Keep in mind that chickens share nesting boxes and you should provide a nest box for every three to four hens. Chickens also don't mind standing side by side on roosting bars. 

There are no cut and dry square foot requirements as it depends on your setup and the breeds that you have, but error on the side of some extra space. Even if you have only a few chickens to start out, a chicken coop for 10+ chickens is a great place to start and will provide enough square feet for larger flocks. 

The poultry industry is raising laying hens and broilers in extreme forms of confinement with artificial lightning. Show your chickens some love and give them the space they need.

Should I consider a run extension?

Are your chickens crowded or displaying aggressive behavior? A coop that’s too small may make the hens crabby and will make them peck each other. This is where a chicken run extension can be a great addition to your chicken coop plan.

A run extension provides a safe area for your flock to forage, scratch, explore, take a quick dust bath, or simply get more fresh air. It's an especially good idea if your area has lots of predators and free ranging is not a safe option. 

A cramped chicken is a grumpy chicken and grumpy chickens may have bad behaviors and lay less eggs. Give your flock room to spread out and you'll find that they will be healthier and happier. 

How often should I clean a large chicken coop?

For an amazing coop, perform easy cleaning tasks daily in the hen house, with deeper cleans weekly, and major upkeep every 3-6 months. 

  • Daily Tasks: It's a great idea to remove leftover food and provide fresh food and water everyday. You may want to spot clean droppings from perches and nesting areas. If you use a waterer like ours you will not need to do this daily as the horizontal nipples keep the water supply from being contaminated. 
  • Weekly Tasks: You'll want to clean your chicken house when you begin to see dirt, dust, cobwebs, dirty chicken coop bedding, dirty nesting material or a build up of chicken feces. This is a great time to check for pests or mold and remove them. Rake and turn over the coop floor bedding and make sure to replace dirty nesting material. 
  • Deep Cleaning: Every 3 to 6 months your chicken coop needs a good deep cleaning. This is where you'll empty the coop entirely, scrub the walls and floors, disinfect, replace all bedding and inspect for any necessary repairs. An unclean coop can foster Salmonella so it's best to keep it clean. 

How can I predator-proof a large chicken coop?

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is trying to raise chickens without providing them adequate protections from predators. Predators come from the ground, the sky and even underground. Having a predator-proof chicken coop is a must for raising chickens, no matter the size or type of your flock.

Where you put your chicken coop is one of the first decisions you should make to help keep your flock safe. Establishing your coop near your house our outbuildings is a best practice. Predators are afraid of humans so if they hear or see people around they are less likely to try and approach the coop. 

One of the most common strategies of predators is to dig under your coop or run. This is where a predator protection kit (coming soon) will stop them in their tracks. The kit provides custom fitted hardware cloth which is much stronger than chicken wire. The hardware cloth is attached to the coop with custom made brackets screwed into the frame. The brackets have tabs which attach to the hardware cloth securing it in place. The middle and outer edges of the hardware cloth are secured with U stakes. You can place dirt on top of the hardware cloth and when predators try and dig underneath they run into an impenetrable layer and won't be able to dig under and get your chickens. 

Chicken Coop For 6 Chickens

If you're looking for a Chicken coop for 6 chickens the Orpington Lodge is a great fit. If you think you might expand your flock the Rhode Island Homestead is a great choice

Chicken Coop For 4 Chickens

If you're in need of a small coop, a great option is our chicken coop for 4 chickens -- the Leghorn Cottage. It's the perfect chicken coop for those who have a small flock of backyard chickens. 

To enhance your chicken coop, think about adding our chicken coop heater for reliable warmth in the chilly winter season, a chicken waterer for consistent water supply, and our predator-proof chicken coop kit to strengthen protection for your chickens.