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The joy of hatching!

Hatching eggs is an amazing experience. It is so fun to see the little fighters enter the world. Then having them turn into little puff balls of cute feathers is something to bring a lot of smiles from your kids and grandkids no matter their age!

When hatching eggs the temperatures of your eggs are important. This varies based on what you are hatching.

For chicken eggs the temperature should be between 99 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. 99.5 is usually considered the ideal temperature for growth during the first 18 days. Typically the eggs hatch at 21 days and the final three days the temperature can be reduced to 98.5 since the embryo (unhatched chicken) is producing a little heat.  

Together with the temperature the humidity is very important. for the first 18 days of growth you want the humidity level to be between 50-65 percent. Most try to stay at 60 percent until the last 3 days when 65 percent is a better idea. During the last three days of growth the extra humidity helps insure the little chick doesn't get stuck to the membrane on the shells interior. With qual typically the eggs will hatch after 23 days. Temperature will be same as chickens and the humidity level too with the final three days keeping the humidity at around 70 percent.

It is important to turn the eggs or providing movement up until a few days prior to hatching. Also you want to ensure that your incubator is in a room in which the temperature doesn't vary by more than 10 degrees consistently. This varying room temperature creates a problem for maintaining proper consistency in an incubator. 

The incubators here on are proven and ready to give your flock a boost in its numbers. They are even recommended for other fowl and reptile eggs! 

So give it a shot and let us know your results!!!

Here are some pictures from our resent qual hatchings.