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Predators And Protecting Your Flock!

Yes, we have predators here. We have raccoons, and we have, raccoons definitely go after the chickens.

We have skunks. They don't always bother the chickens. They like the eggs, so I have, what they have, a live trap, and I trap the raccoons and the animal shelter will come in and put them to sleep and try, they will put the skunks to sleep, too. It's hard when you go out to your trap and you have a little baby skunk in your trap.

A lot of times if I can, I will relocate them. I don't like doing the little animals. I tried relocating raccoons in the small community, but then in that small community, my friends had a huge corn patch, when I didn't realize, those raccoons travel three miles from the stream, and they got into their corn patch and destroyed it, so I don't relocate raccoons anymore.

We have sky predators, which, I didn't realize, my roosters are the greatest watchdogs. When they send out that alert, that means that the hawk or the eagle is up in the trees and they were circling around, and all the hens run under. They run under the bushes or they run under any structure that they can get under. I admire my roosters because they really do take care ...