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Chicken Coop Stain - 1 Quart

Chicken Coop Stain - 1 Quart

The Chicken Coop Company

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Keeping your coop protected and stained is one of the most important things you can do to extend its life. We've partnered with Sherwin Williams to make this super easy for you by creating the exact color of our original stain. By purchasing with us you'll get 10% off the retail price. 

The stain is made in the same color that your coop came in out of the box. The stain is an exterior woodscape polyurethane semi-transparent stain that will make your coop look great again. Sherwin Williams is the exclusive provider of Chicken Coop Company Coop Stain. 

How Does it Work: 

When you purchase this product you'll get a receipt via email you can take into any Sherwin- Williams store and they will give you a quart of Chicken Coop Company Coop Stain no questions asked and no additional payment required. 

To find a Sherwin Williams location near you please use the store locator.