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Chicken Waterer
Chicken Waterer
Chicken Waterer
Chicken Waterer
Chicken Waterer
Chicken Waterer

Chicken Waterer

The Chicken Coop Company

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Choosing the Right Chicken Waterer Model:

If you or an Orpington Coop please order the Orpington Waterer. If you own a coop that has a run that is 30" wide you can order the "Small Waterer" and it will fit. The actual size is 35" wide as the elbow goes outside the coop. 

For Rhode Island Coop owners please order the Rhode Island waterer. If you have another coop run that is 38" wide or larger you can order the "Large Waterer". Please contact us if you have any questions about ordering the right PVC chicken waterer for your setup.


Orpington / Small Waterer: 35"W x 20"H
Rhode Island / Large Waterer: 44"W x 24"H

The Chicken Coop Company PVC pipe chicken waterer holds 2 gallons of water (1.25 gallons for the Orpington / Small Chicken Waterer) and eliminates daily filling by providing clean water storage for up to or more than a week depending on how many chickens you have. Our no-waste, drip-free freeze-proof nipples allow 3 chickens to drink at one time. The Chicken Coop Company waterer is durable, made to last, and comes equipped with a power cord access port so a water heater sold separately can be used in the winter. 

Advantages of Nipple Waterers

A nipple waterer offers numerous advantages that make it superior to other chicken waterer options. One major plus point is that water stays in the container, making it less likely for chickens to dirty or spill the water. This not only keeps chickens hydrated but helps prevent the spread of disease amongst the flock. For cold climates, the nipples are designed to be freeze-proof.

In addition, nipple-type chicken watering systems do not allow for algae or bacteria growth, ensuring clean and safe drinking water for your backyard chickens. Their convenient design also makes them a breeze to install and maintain, further simplifying the process of raising chickens. All these factors make nipple-type waterers a great investment for any chicken owner looking to improve their poultry's water consumption and overall health.

Chicken Waterer Installation 

It comes with all the brackets, wood pieces, and screws needed for assembly. Please note you will need some wire snips to cut a hole in the coop's wire mesh to accommodate the chicken coop waterer. A circular template is provided in the package to make this process easy. Some assembly is reqdxuired and silicone is provided in the package for water tight seal.

Key Features

  • Leak-proof design:The PVC pipe-sealed chicken waterer design prevents leaks and the commercial-grade chicken nipples provide leak free easy access to water for your flock

  • Easy to clean and refill: The waterer is designed to make your life as a chicken keeper easy. You can easily fill the waterer up by removing the cap and filling it from your water source. 
  • Durability and longevity: This PVC chicken waterer is built to last with heavy-duty plastic, solid wood brackets and a fastening system to hold it securely in place. 
  • Anti-freeze technology: The waterer features freeze-proof nipples ensuring your Chickens have access to fresh water even in cold climates. 
    Please Note: Colder climates will need to place a chicken water heater in the waterer to prevent freezing as the nipples can't dispense water if it's iced up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there heated chicken waterers for cold weather?
A. You can find a heated chicken waterer with heat plates but usually they are trough waterers that are hard to keep clean and maintain. You can purchase an aquarium water heater from Amazon that will do the trick and there is a port already cut out of the cap for the cord to go in the waterer. 

Q. Can I use any water container as a chicken waterer?
A. Chickens make a mess of everything so it is best to have a closed poultry watering system/drinker where the water cannot be polluted by the chickens. Nipples are a very sanitary way to dispense water so you don't have to clean out cup after cup after cup.

Q. How do I choose the right size and capacity for my flock?
A. We offer two sizes, a large size with 2 gallons of water for our larger coop and a smaller one with 1.25 gallons of water for our smaller coop model. The waterers can also work in your existing coop. How long the water will last depends on how many chickens you have and how big they are. We have some customers that can go for more than a week without refilling their chicken waterer dispenser.

Q. What should I do if my chickens seem hesitant to use the waterer? 
A. The first thing to do is remove all other sources of water and it can be helpful to put the new waterer near where the old one was. Next, you can bring a bird's beak directly to the waterer and flick the nipple. You may have to actually put the bird's beak to the nipple. If all else fails chickens love a laser pointer with red light. Similar to cats they will chase the light so have them chase it right up to the waterer nipple. You don't have to train every bird in your flock. Once one figures it out the rest will follow suit.

Q. How often should I clean and refill my chicken waterer? 
A. Filling your poultry waterer should be done on an as-needed basis and will vary based on the size of your flock and the gallon size of your waterer. You shouldn't need to clean the chicken coop water dispenser often because it's a sanitary enclosed system.