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Notice: We do not sell any product on Amazon, eBay or other Websites. Items appearing on these sites are cheap foreign knockoffs.

We've received numerous complaints from customers who have purchased fake knockoffs of The Chicken Coop Company's chicken coops on Amazon, eBay, and other websites located in China,  Russia, and India using our trademarks and even the photos taken from directly from our website.  

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Sadly, many never received a coop and the website disappeared, while others who received a coop were sent essentially what you would find at a pet store.  When trying to return the coop for a refund, the cost of return shipping to Asia cost nearly as much as they would receive in refund.

Pease be careful wherever you choose to buy a chicken coop and check their location, where they ship from, and their return and refund policies.  A non-US or non-existent phone number is a good clue, as well as the obvious grammar and odd word usage you regularly see on cheap Chinese products.

Please remember, we do not sell any items on Amazon, eBay, or any other website.

For those places you may have seen what looks like our products, we've been working with our lawyers to get them removed.  We've had success with websites located in the United States, but outside the US is a more difficult matter. 

*Amazon has shut down the stores and sellers using our trademarks, designs, and our photos - but some images and information may appear in some areas until Amazon resolves the remaining fraudulent purchases.

**Any chicken coop with the structural designs exclusive to the Chicken Coop Company including the supported nesting boxes, are obvious knockoffs and should be avoided.

***The only exception for products on other websites is for our hand-sewn egg aprons sold by us through Etsy.