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The Leghorn Cottage - Chicken Coop

The Leghorn Cottage is an eggstreme chicken coop!  Although one of our smaller coops, this is a great coop!  The feedback we continue to get from customers that have purchased this coop is that they love it!  This is a great starter coop!  It is strong and very high quality!

This chicken coop will house between 2-3 chickens (other fowl capacity depends on species). Customers have found this design to be accommodating for quail, pheasants, ducks and other species.

    • The run has a galvanized wire-meshed roof which protects your chickens from predators
    • Made of top grade fir wood and is treated to be splinter free
    • Tongue and groove construction
    • Large nesting box allowing your chickens to lay in comfort
    • Removable divider to make the nest box into 2 nest areas
    • Hinged nest box lid to collect the eggs
    • Sliding access door with a ramp for your chickens to get in and out
    • Secure latches (extra precaution to prevent predators)
    • Instructions walk you through the simple process of assembly
    • You receive a free gift with your purchase! (Choose an apron, #shirt or hen saddle... please include in the notes section at checkout!)

large wooden chicken coops for sale

Measures: 75”long (including nesting box) x 31″wide x 38.5″tall

Footprint:  31 inches x 58 inches

Inside of the coop:  30 inches x 24.5 inches x 26 inches


 2-3 Chicken Capacity!

Ships in two boxes totaling 68.2 pounds.

For Help Call Toll Free: (888) 209-4643


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