The Garden Girls Coop with Run Extension 5-12 Chickens

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The Garden Girls- Chicken Coop w/ Run

  • Quality tongue and groove Construction!
  • Huge Run Extension
  • Fashion plastic roof
  • Heavy duty galvanized wire
  • Hinged Door for easy access for Cleaning, Refilling Food and Water
  • Large side located Nesting Box
  • Removable Divider to make the Nest Box into 2 nest areas
  • Hinged Nest Box Lid
  • Ramp leading to the hen house
  • You receive a free gift with your purchase! (Choose an apron, #shirt or hen saddle... please include in the notes section at checkout!)

57 7/8 x 57 7/8 x 63 31/32 inches with a 87 x 43.5 x 49 inch Run Extension!  This chicken coop is so fantastic, it creates an opportunity for you to grow a garden at the same time!! It has a built in raised bed garden!  This is a custom coop you will love!

young girls with chicken coop on grass

The built in run underneath the coop allows your chickens space and area to walk around.  There are built in vents to help with air circulation.  The nesting box is designed to encourage egg laying and makes it easy for you to collect!

There is a raised bed garden area on this coop, providing you a controlled space to grow flowers and or vegetables!

This is such a neat coop and a design that you will really appreciate!   This coop ships in two boxes and we will put both boxes in the mail the day you order.  We will include all of the needed hardware and instructions for the assembly.  

The instructions are very easy to follow and will take you through step by step.  The vast majority of the coop is preassembled ie all of the panels are built and all the wiring and hinges are installed.  This coop will make a great addition to your yard/garden. 

For Help Call Toll Free: (888) 209-4643 

Ships in three large boxes!  All of the panels are pre-assembled.  You will just need someone to help hold panels and an electric screw driver!

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