Dozen artificial eggs

the Chicken Coop Company

$ 16.99 

A pack of one dozen white dummy chicken size eggs.  They have the look and feel of real chicken eggs.  The eggs are approximately 2.25 inches long.

Perfect for planting dummy eggs in your nesting boxes when you are training your chickens on where to lay there eggs.  When there are dummy eggs in your nesting boxes they will learn to lay their eggs right where you want them.  This trick has been used for many generations, is proven and works great.  Using dummy eggs also helps keep chickens from cracking there own eggs.  When you plant dummy eggs in nesting boxes the chickens will naturally peck at the egg in the beginning.  This is a good thing as when they are ready to start laying there own real eggs they will have no desire to peck the real eggs.  Some customers are convinced that the dummy eggs encourage the chickens to lay as well!

Dummy eggs also work great for making all types of crafts and different art projects.