Chicken Saddles

the Chicken Coop Company

$ 12.99 


These beautiful, reversible chicken saddles or "back packs" are an absolute lifesaver when you keep a flock of chickens because the saddles protect your hens from feather loss and injury. 

How do they work?  A rooster's claws and spurs can often pull out or break the feathers on the backs of his favorite hens during the act of mating. Once her feathers are gone, he can accidentally puncture the skin! If your hen gets injured this way, the rest of the flock may be drawn to peck at her, making the injury worse, even critical. The saddle will help prevent this sort of feather loss and will keep the backs of your birds protected. If the feather loss has already occurred, the saddle offers protection to her bare back so that her injuries can heal and her feathers can grow back.

No roosters in your flock? You may still need a saddle, because the saddles also protect both males and females from bareness associated with aggressive feather picking from dominant birds.  Or maybe you just want to bring some more color/style to your flock =)  We have a number of different colors and textiles feel free to text or email Dave for more detail [email protected]

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