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The California Grey Villa - Chicken Coop

    • Large nesting box allowing your chickens to lay in comfort
    • Sliding access door with a ramp for your chickens to get in and out
    • Secure latches (extra precaution to prevent predators)
    • Pull out tray made of galvanized steel Two perches inside allow for comfort to the birds
    • Instructions walk you through the easy assembly of your chicken coop
    • You receive a free gift with your purchase! (Choose an apron, #shirt or hen saddle... please include in the notes section at checkout!)

  white chicken coop for sale
The California Grey Villa
is an eggcellent chicken coop.  This is one of our top selling coops!  Besides the fact that it is aesthetically appealing, it is a great overall coop!  This is a well built and well designed coop!  There is ample space for the chickens to stay in the coop and be comfortable.

This Villa along with safety, will provide your fowl a life of comfort, provide room and invite egg production. It is good for up to 5 chickens (other fowl capacity depends on species).

Customers have found this design to be accommodating for quail, pheasants, ducks and other species. It is an absolutely beautiful addition to any home or garden. 

The run has a galvanized wire-meshed roof which protects your chickens from predators
Made of top grade fir wood and is treated to be splinter free Tongue and groove construction.  This coop is one of our easiest coops to assemble!

Measures: 78”long x 28″wide x 48″tall

Footprint:  25 inches x 61.5 inches


4-5 Chicken Capacity!

Ships in two boxes totaling 95.7 pounds.

For Help Call Toll Free: (888) 209-4643

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