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Is It Better to Use an Incubator or Let Mother Nature Hatch Chicken Eggs?

No, they don't all hatch, you know, you should never fool with Mother Nature.

When I have tried to get a hen to sit on the eggs, part of them will hatch but, last Thanksgiving I had a little Bantie that she disappeared, and I couldn't find her.

Well, she came out on Thanksgiving Day and she had 11 baby chicks.

Well, I have never, ever hatched more than four chicks, and she had 11, all by herself without me having one thing to do with it.

I took those chickens, because it was so cold and windy, and I put them in a dog crate and put them in the laundry room, and we kept them in there for about six weeks, and I had an old gentleman tell me, he says, "You have to be careful about raising chickens in the house, because they will always want to come in the house."

Well, when it's spring and summer time here I leave my back doors open, and I don't have screens, and I came home one day and I was in the guest room and there was this little black head peeking out from under the pillows, and there was this chicken sleeping in my bed, and from the dirt that was on the guest bed, she had been there more than once.

Yes, she was one of the little chickens that I had raised in the house and she was trying to come back in to live.